Club News 

Currently our Club President and committee members are working closely with Rugby League Gold Coast in discussion with Queensland rugby league about risk factors and the best procedures to follow so everyone is safe in regards to COVID-19 also know as Coronavirus.

Currently all training, trials and games are suspended until further notice.

following statement from Brendon Lindsay form rugby league Gold Coast.



Hi All,


At the discretion of the Rugby League Gold Coast Board and in the best interest of our community it has been decided to suspend all Rugby League Gold Coast Club and Representative training and games until we have received further direction from the Queensland Rugby League. We will be communicating with you regularly and hope to have decision on future training and competitions by tomorrow mid-morning at the latest.


Please see an extract from the attached.


Competitions and Training

• At this stage, the hosting of competitions and/or trial games are at the discretion of the relevant Local League. As this is a rapidly changing situation further advice will be provided during the week commencing 16 March which may result in all QRL Sanctioned Competitions being suspended.


Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.




Brendon Lindsay

League Manager - Gold Coast 

Hey Mudgee fam, a message for you from our Welfare Officer Savili Sega., one of our amazing volunteers here at the web. 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️


Hey Guy's👋


If you don't know who I am just a little bit about me.


The name you see on my page is my matai or chief title name.


Those who do know me my name is Savili Sega or Vili for short.


I have been around the Social Service Sector for over 22 years.


I have knowledge around Mental Health, Suicidai Ideations, Family or Domestiic Violence, Bullying and Homelessness.


I am basically here for you to have a chat.

I wont be able to fix your problem but I'm here to point you on the right direction.


I'm not here to judge anyone as it's not my intention. I'm to lend you my ears, shoulder to cry on or you just want a big hug.


A change of face is normally a good thing if your too afraid to talk to your family about what's been going on with inside yourself.


Pride is another thing. Some of you wear your pride on your sleeve. Yes I get that. I'm the same.. but if we talk about it, doesn't make you a whimp or a soft guy.

Makes you take that 1st step to reach out.


If you have thoughts of suicidal ideations come and see me.

Suicide is the highest for our men.

Everything you tell me stays between us.


You are welcome to come to my house for chat.

I will offer you a cup of tea or a coffee and if your lucky.. some biscuits.


Or we can arrange to meet in my office where Munchkins use to be at the club.


I'm here for you.

I'm here to support you.

The club is here to support you.


Mobile: 0426194478

Text me for my address if you would like to chat anytime.


Bless🙏 Have a beautiful weekend