The 2021 Crew

Club Contact For General Inquires: 

Club Contact For Registrations:

Junior Registrar: Kylie Hammer - 0414736268

Senior Registrar: Jo Clark - 0408274508

Club contact for Coordinators:

Managers Coordinator

Coaching Coordinator

BBQ Coordinator:

Uniform Coordinator

Grounds Coordinator:

Social Media Coordinator: Tamara Whittaker -

Club Captain:

Club welfare officer - please reach out if needed 

Savili Sega - 0426194478 -

Club Contacts for Committee Members:

President:  Alec Betham - 0424 609 919 -

Secretary: Marilyn Tunnicliffe - 0451096779

Treasurer: Glen Ives -

Senior VP: Neil Williams - 0409470832 -

Junior VP: Savili Saga - 0426194478 -

Please note: Even though our crew have their personal mobile numbers displayed, they are volunteers and at different times, maybe unable to answer your call due to work or other commitments. We all endeavour to return missed calls as soon as possible, but alternately, if you wish to contact anyone by email, please do so via and the Secretary will forward it on to the appropriate party.

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